What We Do

Turnkey Allergy Services For Medical Practices

AccuRX Allergy Services is an ancillary medical services company offering comprehensive allergy testing and immunotherapy to private practices. The goal is to give care providers a cost-effective way of treating their patient’s allergies and their related symptoms.

Fully Trained Technicians

The trained staff provided by AccuRX Allergy Services will expertly conduct all of their duties and responsibilities under your direct supervision. They will test, analyze, and perform dilutions for immunotherapy treatments only to the patients that you recommend for allergy testing and that you approve for immunotherapy.


AccuRX Allergy Services will provide initial and ongoing training for your current administrative and clinical staff to familiarize them with allergy service procedures and updates. Your clinical allergy technicians will also be trained to bolster your immunotherapy department.

Documentation Support

Offering a new medical service means having to file new types of documentation for it. AccuRX Allergy Services will help your practice with the various documents and forms and will also provide complete allergy billing and coding support to your in-house or third-party biller for proper billing.


AccuRX Allergy Services will provide the necessary equipment and supplies that will allow your practice to perform various allergy tests and treatments. The team at AccuRX Allergy Services has the latest skin tests and immunotherapy treatment tools for use at your facility.

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The turnkey allergy services at AccuRX Allergy Services will enable your practice to treat the root cause of your patient’s allergies instead of fruitlessly combating the symptoms. For questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with us today.